Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Calendar - Journey of My Life - Here and Now

Calendar - Journey of My Life - Here and Now
Just poking around on the web...not really knowing what I'm doing (so what's new...huh? Came across this "free website" thing. Doesn't look bad. So I started one of the free ones (of course). And...see I can post it to my current Blog too. We'll see how it goes. I can't complicate my life anymore than necessary.

Update on physical therapy: It's going very well. I can really see improvement in my right leg and hip. I'm very happy about that. I will continue PT right up until I fly to Denver on October 29th (think that is on a Saturday).  So excited and very happy!
Grandson Skyler with his dog 'Daisy'
Skyler - ready for a day at pre-school

Skyler with baby brother Mason.  Don't worry his mom and dad were right there in case Mason begins squirming too much.  Mason looks like a doll....but he is definitely the real thing.  Skyler's is really good with him too.  Sounds like he really likes have a baby brother.  Now is know how big brother Alec felt when he (Skyler) came along..



  1. Hi! I was at Diana's blog and saw your comment and trekked over here to visit you....hope you don't mind. I'm a retired teacher (South Georgia...I call it "Jawja")... and "Nana"...and see that you have beautiful Grands (Skeylan and Mason)...and Yes, Mason looks like a li'l doll. I had to look closer to convince myself that he wasn't a doll! Your Grandsons are very cute.
    Thanks for letting me visit and chat. I hope that you have a blessed week. Smiles to you...

  2. Thanks Jackie. I'm glad you came by. Drop in anytime. I'm so excited because I'm flying off to Colorado on Oct 29th to visit with my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons. I'm also on Facebook where I have albums...and on Picasa for pictures and albums. til next time...Tricia


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